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Why You Need an Embroidered Face Mask in Your Wardrobe?

Embroidered Face Mask

It’s been 2 years since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and it seems it’s not going away anytime soon. In this period, one thing has become greatly essential to everybody – face masks.

In some countries wearing face masks are compulsory and you can’t go anywhere without wearing one. At some point, you may find it tacky or that it just ruins your whole day-to-day look.

So, people in the fashion industry didn’t let the pandemic get in the way of you to looking stylish.

You will often see different styles out there, and if you are keen to detail, color, design and quality—beautifully crafted embroidered face masks are for you!

Why? Let’s go further into why you need an embroidered face mask in your wardrobe.

Knowing Face Masks

Face masks have been around for decades. Generally people use it for medical purposes, but recently you likely have been using it to keep yourself safe.

In this time of the pandemic, face masks have become an essential part of everyone’s daily outfit. Not to keep you looking mysteriously cool but to basically keep you safe from the virus.

Face masks cover your face to avoid the spreading of the virus and other diseases. It stops respiratory droplets and droplets of saliva when breathing, talking, coughing and sneezing.

NOTE: Face masks are ONLY fully effective if you wear them correctly (over the nose and mouth) and are handled right.

Today, there are different types of face masks.

According to WebMD, here are types of masks that are guaranteed to provide more protection:

1. Loosely Woven Cloth Masks
2. Layered, Finely Woven Masks
3. Disposable medical and surgical masks

All 3 types provide protection from viruses. Disposable surgical masks have been often used because of their guaranteed protection.

However, on some occasions people opt to like stylish and trendy. This is where woven masks are considered.

Embroidered face masks have been the talk of the town because of their comfort, stylish design and functionality.

What are Embroidered Face Masks?

Fashion meets safety—this is what makes embroidered face masks unique.

Embroidered face masks are woven cloth masks with unique embroidered designs stitched on them. These designs can be incorporated by hand stitching or by using an embroidery machine.

For guaranteed safety, it is advised that we should use embroidered masks over surgical masks. For some designs, pockets are available for medical-grade mask filters that add additional protection.

The Importance of Having Embroidered Face Masks in Your Wardrobe

With different variants popping up from time to time, there’s no telling when we will finally be mask-free.

Even if you are fully vaccinated, wearing a mask will always help keep you safe from the virus. And if you wish to cut back from using disposable masks and look stylish, embroidered masks are the ones for you.

Here are 3 reasons why it’s important to have an embroidered face mask in your wardrobe:

1. Functional and reusable
2. Stylish and timeless
3. Comfort and safety

Functional and reusable
When it comes to modern fashion staples, people preferably pick accessories that are functional. This means that the pieces need to meet their required or expected performance means for their intended conditions.

With today’s on-the-go lifestyle, it’s definitely best to opt for something that will suit your day-to-day activities. Plus, embroidered face masks can give your wardrobe a splash of personality with their fashionable designs.

Aside from being functional, what’s best about embroidered cloth masks is that they are reusable.

If you’re not a healthcare worker or frontline personnel, don’t you think it’s wasteful to keep on buying disposable masks?

You buy a box or pack, throw it after use, then buy again after a few weeks.

Surgical masks and N95 grade masks are the safest. But, cloth masks are reliable as well. You just need to make sure that you have the right amount of layers for protection.

Cloth masks can be woven even up to 5 ply layers. And, what’s cool about some masks is that they even have pockets for mask filters.

So, after wearing the mask you can just wash them thoroughly with an antibacterial detergent, dry them up and use them again when needed.

Of course, you should always make sure they’re clean and disinfected. Not only to keep you safe from the virus but also bacteria. This will help you avoid nasty mask acne.

So, not only do you save some money from constantly buying disposable masks, but you also save the environment from additional waste.

Stylish and timeless
Embroidery has been part of clothing for thousands of years.

Archeological finds prove that people used this method of design for ages. This means that embroidered pieces never go out of style.

You can even see designer brands using embroidery to incorporate their designs. If you want to look classy and sophisticated, there are thousands of designs you can choose from.

Also, masks have marked their spot in the fashion industry.

Before the pandemic, people who wore masks were somehow detested because only sick people (aside from health workers) used them. People thought you may have a contagious disease or illness if you wore a mask.

But today, masks have become stylish statement pieces. Masks are now meant to express style and personality. Not only is it used for safety measures, but now it is a daily accessory.

So, got a lunch meeting or a wedding to attend? You have your embroidered mask to really make your wardrobe stand out.

Having a quality embroidered face mask hanging around can definitely save your day fashion and health-wise.

Comfort and safety
Have you tried wearing those surgical masks or N95 respirators all day long? If yes, you clearly know the excruciating pain and marks left by those masks.

Definitely, you are by all means safe but wearing it for a long time feels like torture. The back of your ears may hurt and sometimes even breathing seems strenuous.

With all that, we can still be safe from viruses and feel comfortable with the mask that we wear.

Cloth masks may not provide the exact level of safety compared to medical-grade masks. Even so, they can still definitely protect you and keep you safe without having to risk comfort.

Plus, with the development of more high-quality masks, designs have also adopted the needed safety standards to keep us protected. Some masks use different kinds of quality materials to ensure filtration. Others even have pockets for filters like the PM 2.5 filter.

How to Choose the Best Embroidered Face Mask for Your Needs
Whether you want to look stylish or you don’t want to miss out on the trend, it’s still important to choose the right kind of mask to use.

Here are the 3 things to consider when picking your embroidered face mask:

1. Best Fitting
2. Breathability
3. Comfort and Style

1 – Best Fitting
You need to ensure that your mask fits snug around the face.

Considered the size of the mask when doing this. You need to check if it’s too constricting or too big and loose.

If it’s too tight, your cheeks, ears or nose area might hurt. And if the cloth is too small it may cover fewer areas of the face and might expose your nose or mouth.

Make sure it comfortably covers your nose, cheeks, and chin. Also, check if there are no gaps in the cheeks when worn.

2 – Breathability
Even when you’re wearing a mask, you shouldn’t feel suffocated.

Look for masks with multi-layer cloth with the right materials. Choose masks made out of natural fibers, tightly woven cotton, cotton-polyester or linen.

These masks are comfortable and breathable.

If you are opting for specific textiles for your attire, it’s best to have just a layer on the outside. This is so your skin won’t get irritated with the texture of certain fabrics.

3 – Comfort and Style
Whether it is humid or freezing, your mask should be comfortable enough when worn. As mentioned above, it’s vital to consider what fabric your mask is made of.

In humid places, consider fabrics that are moisture-wicking. Masks made from soft and stretchy material such as polyester or spandex pull moisture from the skin. This makes the mask cooler and not feel stuffy.

Even though comfort is essential, the design and style should be something you will love. Well, since it’s basically reusable, you should choose something that can compliment any wardrobe.

Opt for a style that is easy to wear with a design that will speak for your personality. Of course while keeping yourself safe.

Tailored for Safety
There’s clearly nothing wrong if you want to look stylish during the pandemic. Even when you are looking amazing from head to toe, always keep yourself safe by wearing the right mask properly.

Who says following safety protocols need to look boring? With a splash of color and texture, you could light up every place you walk into with your embroidered face mask.

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